A tax is an obligatory financial charge or some other kind of tariff or levy imposed on an individual or legal entity by the government, in order to raise funds for State and Federal budgets for various public expenditures. Taxes may consist of direct and indirect taxes and most of the time it is paid in monies or as its labor equivalent, based on the tax code and its requirements. Failure in payment of Taxes, along with avoidance of, or opposition of taxation, is punishable by Law. The IRS often enforces tax obligations i.e. property taxes, marine taxes, wealth taxes, sales taxes, inheritance tax, payroll taxes, estate taxes and/or tariffs based on the estimated value or other parameters.

Our tax experts often prepare returns or defensive audits for their clients. Tax consulting comprises of informing the clients about the presence of issues and their solutions as well as updating them with the decisions of the competent authority regarding these matters.


ICON Tax Consulting


For companies, it is a multifarious and challenging situation to plan for Tax implications, especially when working in more than one country and having to deal with sanctions as well as trade restrictions. ICON has proficiency over any IRS matter and is a reputable organization in the eyes of the US Government and law enforcement agencies throughout the world. ICON’s tax professionals will lend a hand to your business and concentrate on the immediate and necessary challenges of your business, as opposed to wasting time and resources like our competitors.

ICON's experts provide direct counseling to their clients regarding tax regulations, the benefits received from a tax adjustment, the dedications and any of the parameters which can be identified in order to let them keep more of their money.


ICON's Tax Services Also Include:

  • Withholding Tax,

  • Corporate Tax Planning,

    • Preparation of Corporate Tax return

    • Advise on minimum income tax and corporate tax as when due

    • Advise on the appropriate claim and elections to be incorporated in the tax return

    • Assist clients during a routine or emergency tax audit

    • Acting on behalf of the client in discussion with the tax authorities

    • Provide support and follow-up on tax matters arising during an audit

    • Advise you on the applications pertaining to your tax obligations

  • Value Added Tax,

  • Payroll Taxes,

    • Creation of customized pay slips

    • Computation of personal income tax

    • Administration of mandatory social security contributions i.e. sick pay and maternity leave pay etc.

    • Prepare a summary and analysis of staff cost of administration i.e. bonuses, ex-gratia and termination of benefits

    • Administration of gratuity and pension

    • Administration of work protection fund

  • Tax Due Diligence,

  • Tax and Accounting,




ICON’s team of tax professionals can walk you through any Tax problem, IRS problem, IRS Letter, Back Taxes, Audits, or Penalties. Reach out to us today to learn more and seek immediate resolve on your case. Our tax lawyers and forensic CPAs are highly skilled and trained to deliver the highest standards and service.

The Expert Difference

ICON’s Tax Consultation team is highly professional and our collective expertise is second to none. An experts skill of communication and complex problem solving allows our clients the ability to take an offensive approach to understanding their tax issues and preventing permanent damage to their reputation, enterprise and more. It also enables them to deal with existing issues like setting up a trust, managing taxes from rental income and approaching the tax proposition of birth, death, divorce, marriage and other life events in the context of contractual formation.

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