Protection is any measure taken to guard someone or something against damages caused by the outside force. Protection is provided to individuals as well as key assets, both tangible and intangible.


According to Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;


“Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person”


This means that every individual has the right of protection of its life and property, but due to the emerging crimes around the globe caused by COVID-19, states are unable to provide protection against the increasing number of crimes although, they are doing their best to provide it. As time progresses, the crimes are increasing and States are making their best effort to prevent these crimes and provide security and protection against the transgression to the individuals of a nation.


Let us take an example from the current circumstances; during this pandemic COVID-19, from the assessments of NATC we had a situation that the assailant attack for the purpose of robbery or for other ill motives between the time of 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM by the use of firearms and deadly weapons which are illegally possessed by them. It is an alarming situation for the residents of the nation for their protection. They attack civilians at the workplaces, business, house of worships and residential complexes due to an increased collective awareness of schedules and whereabouts brought on by Instagram and other social media.


There are also other types of crime present, from which the protection is needed (i.e. cyber crimes, crimes against intellectual property, misrepresentation, fraud, etc.)


How ICON can help


ICON is set up as a full protective agency that can operate to protect our clients in all facets of their lives with 24 hour monitoring. Crimes to persons and properties are only preventable with offensive strategies and Icon is fully equipped to provide an offensive protection plan. We regularly settle disputes and collaborate with law enforcement to ensure your safety and the safety of your close network.

ICON provides the tools to its agents and representatives that are needed to deal with organized crime actors.


ICON provides its services in the following areas:

  • Protection against Threats.

  • Protection against Cyber Crimes.

  • Protection against the Intellectual Property Crimes.

  • Protection of Personalities.

  • Protection of Properties.

  • Protection against Criminal Offenses.

  • Protection against High Risk Encounters (i.e. Survey and Control).

  • Special Agent Protection.

  • System Protection.

  • Artificial Intelligence.

  • Protection from Illicit Actors.

  • Global Protection.

  • Special Operations.


ICON as Protectors


ICON is an intelligence firm like no other. We understand that physical dangers result in enterprise risks that can be catastrophic to the organization and its most valuable members. Icon provides a trustful environment to its clients by protecting them from every potential threat. With over 250 years of collective experience in the public and private sectors, our partners are the former Global Directors of Security for the top public and private clients in the world. We provide an individualized plan of action based on your needs and have a vast global network of special operations representatives ready for assignment.



For questions about plans and pricing, Please contact us at 540-874-2587.

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