Nima Sadeghian, ESQ

Nima Sadeghian, Esq is an investigator and white collar lawyer and construction project manager. Nima started his academic career studying Economics and Accounting in university and later attended law school where he studied corruption and national security. A strong advocate as well as researcher, Nima started working at ICON in 2014 and quickly excelled in building teams around financial crimes investigations. In 2017, Nima successfully investigated and won a case against the SEC in the Northern District of Illinois. After that feat, Nima entered into government practice on special assignment as a high level quality manager at the Department of Economic Security leading the fraud, waste and abuse program alongside the Chief Quality Officer. Soon after, Nima accepted an offer to work as Senior Quality Manager within Wells Fargo's Internal Investigations team, leading a team of over 50 analysts in state, and over 2000 analysts across the US, in conducting complex global investigations. Nima currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Icon.


In his role at ICON, Nima is a well recognized leader and a court subject matter expert that utilizes his skills and knowledge to add value by assisting boards & organizations in strengthening their Corporate Governance, Internal Auditing, Internal Investigations, Internal Inspections, Compliance, Enterprise Risk Management, Ethics, Evaluation, and Internal Controls, as well as promoting, strengthening and increasing awareness of the importance of a strong Corporate Governance and Internal Oversight System through a wide range of Corporate Trainings & Consultancies.

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