Joseph Sconzo, ESQ

Joseph G. Sconzo retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation after a decorated 25-year career as a Special Agent in which he was stationed in Quantico, Virginia, Phoenix, Arizona, New York City and West Palm Beach, Florida. In 1985, prior to entering into the FBI Academy, Mr. Sconzo graduated from Nova University Center for the Study of Law and is admitted to the Florida Bar. Over the course of his career he was a member of the SWAT and Special Operations, and led teams of agents investigating matters such as the Centennial Bomber, the Unibomber, TWA Flight 800, the initial World Trade Center Bombing, the 9-11 World Trade Center Bombing, and the Organized Crime Families in NY and NJ. His investigative expertise led to countless successful prosecutions and significant monetary settlements in matters related to Bank Fraud, Healthcare Fraud, Investment Fraud and Public Corruption. Joseph is now a private practicing lawyer and investigator for over 25 years and has argued many high profile cases throughout his decorated career. At Icon, Joseph is in charge of directing legal teams worldwide in an array on white collar and complex investigation matters.

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