Find the Stories Hidden in Your Data


Leveraging industry-leading analytics solutions designed to address the challenges of today’s data-heavy investigations, regulatory enforcement and compliance matters, and complex litigation.


We support every phase of the EDRM, from information governance to review, analysis, and production.                


What makes Icon's Discovery different from other solutions?

  • Our organizational commitment to an analytics-first approach is unique within the industry.

  • At ICON, our innovative analytics-first approach delivers critical insights to our clients faster than ever before.

  • Extracting the most important meaning from volumes of complex data presents enormous challenges when companies rely solely on teams of contract reviewers. Information overload, time pressure, and budget constraints make it difficult to be both effective and efficient.

  • Powered by AI, our unique approach connects data elements to build a big picture view, and create customized data models to drive your most important decisions.

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