The identification of threats either to an individual or association of persons or to any organization and the methodology used to deals with such threats is known as Crisis Management. There are an increasing amount of apparent and non apparent threats caused by recent global events, i.e. COVID-19 pandemic or regional terrorist attacks. ICON is able to deal with crises like data breach, hiding of assets and theft of proprietary information or property and minimize or prevent damage to your company, its employees or its clients reputations. As the timeframe to respond to a crisis is short, ICON has its own crisis management resources and strategies that it has developed over 250 years of collective experience.

The crisis may consist of physical breach, data breach, threats to life or property, and even natural disaster which leads to tangible and intangible losses to the person or organization involved, which can cause a significant loss of life, finances or confidential and proprietary data. We can handle crisis management like no other firm due to our vast network and capabilities.

How ICON can help

ICON’s expert team knows how to deal with threats, risks and the consequences of a crisis and prepare a plan to deal with it in any emergency situation if the risk comes across in reality.

ICON's experts follow this process before, during and after any crisis:

  • Mitigation: ICON's team carries out special checks which will potentially reduce the probability of negative consequences and long term damages.

  • Preparedness: ICON's team prepares itself to respond more effectively in crisis situations to minimize the effects of apparent and non apparent dangers.

  • Response: When the crisis becomes a reality and it’s time for the emergency response team to run its operations on the basis of the above phases, ICON's experienced experts come into action, deal with the emergency situation and address all of the consequences of the crisis.

  • Recovery: When the crisis is over, the trauma experienced can have a longstanding impact on the human psyche, and ultimately the entire culture of an organization.



ICON is an intelligence firm which provides a trustful environment to its clients. With over 250 years of collective experience in the public and private sectors, our partners are the former directors of security for the top public and private clients in the world. We provide an individualized plan of action based on your needs and have a vast global network of special operations representatives ready for assignment.


To hire ICON for Crisis Management, call us today at 540-874-2587.

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