A Business Interruption Investigation is an examination, inquiry or research which expresses the idea of an active effort to find out or expose something. We can also say that an Investigation is a systematic, controlled and methodical attempt to perceive information about a multifaceted or hidden issue.

Investigations are often formal and official in nature, although there are often covert and informal investigations carried out based on the nature of the issue(s) and exigency of the matter. An orderly attempt to obtain some information to achieve some outcome or a deeper understanding about or to make a test of something which can be acquired by the study of the available evidence. Investigators often ask questions from interested parties for the purpose of discovering key information that leads them to a more efficient or favorable outcome.

We can say that to investigate is to look into something or someone in a contextual manner in order to connect the pieces together and discover the truth. Checking the source of the material to determine truth is the best example from where we can easily understand the truth.


Investigation Methodology of ICON

To understand the specific points of relevance within an allegation, the depth of analysis within the key evidence, and to determine in particular whether misconduct has been committed, by whom and to what extent, is the fundamental purpose of an investigation. ICON uses different tools i.e. artificial intelligence, to set up the quality of investigation which provides the most relief and minimal financial burden to its clients. We always stand by our promise of doing the best work for less than our competitors. ICON ensures the confidentiality of each investigation, which creates an engaging and trustful environment for our clients to learn and grow as our strategic partners. The procedure to be followed by ICON for investigations is:


  • Immediate Action: When any incident or event comes across, immediate action by ICON is initiated regarding the incident and preventive measures are taken to minimize damages. In this stage, ICON’s professionals also collect the evidence and particular information about the incident.

  • Planning the Investigation: To ensure that the investigation is systematic and according to the contemporary industry standards, a comprehensive planning of every investigation is a must. The planning includes; Who will be involved? What resources will be required for investigation? The time period of the investigation. For the purpose of the server or multifaceted happenings, team of the investigators is more effective.

  • Data Collection: The third step in investigations carried out by ICON is data collection from the confidential resources and materials in question, including from adverse news events and articles, public records, eye witnesses, documents and the other major leads that are involved.

  • Data Analysis: After the collection of data, the analysis of data is also a must to know in order to discover the root causes of the event or issue at hand. As the event is not a single event, so it is the chain of the events which should be organized in such a way that becomes helpful and valuable for the purposes of presenting a strong argument to the court or administrative body in review. Errors and mistakes don’t just take place by themselves. Organizations allows mistakes to happen and the company or person involved can suffer a great loss of reputation, or worse. We use real scientific methods and present our findings with data analysis to our clients with remote access directly from their electronic devices. Data analysis will always be forensically compliance and presentable as court evidence. The root cause is either the indirect cause or the direct cause of damages in most cases and it must be proven through investigative techniques unique to each situation.

  • Corrective Actions: ICON takes the corrective actions to eliminate the grounds of non conformities and other non desirable situations. Corrective actions are concept of good Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point HACCP and Hazard Analysis Risk-based Preventive Control HARPC. ICON by using this methodology improves an organization processing which focuses on the systematic investigation of the root cause of the incident, event or problem and ICON makes an attempt to the recurrence or to prevent the occurrence in the future.

  • Reporting: The final step of the ICON is to conclude all the findings in the investigation and hand it over to the client. This means the investigation is closed out and all the findings in the report are communicated so the findings could be shared with the client. A Report may also include the warnings and alerts prospects to prevent the happening of the event in the future.



Every strong case starts with a good investigation. ICON puts experts behind each case in an attempt to get the facts about something hidden, unique, or complex, especially in an attempt to find a motive, cause, or culprit and to use the relevant facts at key moments in the matter.

ICON finds the right way to access crucial evidence that is dispositive to your case. ICON’s teams of investigators are world renowned and have made many remarkable cases and set precedent in many industries including securities, real estate and much more.


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