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·         Lead Forensic Accounting Reviews and Investigations;

·         Obtain evidence, take statements, produce reports, and testify to findings regarding resolution of fraud allegations;

·         Coordinate fraud detection and prevention activities;

·         Research and trace funds and identify assets for recovery;

·         Conduct forensic analysis of financial data;

·         Prepare forensic accounting reports and draft financial findings;

·         Prepare analytical data for litigation;

·         Conduct forensic financial analysis of businesses and personal records;

·         Develop financial profiles of individuals or groups identified as participating in suspicious or illegal activity;

·         Identify and integrate data from variety of sources; assess data quality and its potential impact on analyses;

·         Develop computerized applications to assist in the analysis and presentation of financial evidence;

·         Convert unstructured data to structured output file using data analytics tools;

·         Implement integrated and visual dashboards using software such as Qlikview and advanced formulations in Excel including Vlooks and Macros;

·         Use data and text mining techniques to extract relevant information from data dumps;

·         Develop rules in detecting fraudulent or non-compliant transactions, statistical and economic impact analyses, and develop executive-level reports and dashboard to summarize and report results;

·         Perform relationship analysis and develop visual summaries and ‘Relationship Diagrams’ for entities and individuals involved using software such as Visio and MindManager;

·         Provide resolutions and support on technical data analytics issues;

·         Lead the firm’s promotion of new business and projects as required;

·         Identify and address client needs; actively participate in client discussions and meetings; communicate a broad range of the firm services, providing outstanding customer service.



·         Bachelor’s degree in Accounting

·         2 years in the position offered or closely related field




·         Send resume to baryai@icongroupusa.com